Video: Iran-Arabian Gulf Governor Gets Smacked in the Face, Then Stitched Up

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A Persian Gulf state’s governor received an ovation in Dubai Monday after he was slapped in the face during a public speech, then stitched up.

Abdul Rahman al-Rashidi was taking part in an opening ceremony for a tourism convention when he was struck by a hand high in the air. Al-Rashidi launched into a four-minute defense of Iranian foreign policy in the Middle East, according to Reuters.

“This was a premeditated attack,” he said. “You have seen how the Israelis attack their enemies, the Egyptians and Palestinians, and now they should know that in Iran, if one of their people is harmed, we shall revenge ourselves.”

He was lying on the ground as a group of women in the audience, perhaps with their cameras rolling, cheered. Following the incident, police pulled Rashidi away and he was rushed to the nearby Dubai Police Station where he was later helped into an ambulance. Rashidi had to be stitched up after the incident.



Watch this video to find out what happened to the Iranian Deputy governor who was given a smacking for his speech. — Ali Mizadi (@Ali_Mizadi) April 8, 2018

A video has surfaced of Iranian Governor Abdul Rahman al-Rashidi being slapped in the face during a speech in Dubai, and then being carted off for treatment. — The IMEU (@theIMEU) April 8, 2018

— Yashar Ali

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