US President Donald Trump suspends vaccination rules

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Josh Trump (l) poses with Jared Kushner and Dr Anthony Fauci in May 2016

President Donald Trump’s administration has temporarily suspended the implementation of his health advisers’ recommendations on vaccines in light of a court ruling.

Dr Louis Fauci of the National Institutes of Health argued in support of the order that the executive action was made in “good faith” and “a good use of the Trump administration’s limited statutory authority”.

But the government said the National Institutes of Health was not the correct body to carry out a mandate.

“While the executive order was issued without notice and comment, that does not mean that it will remain in place as a final order once the legal issues are fully resolved,” it said.

A lawyer for the National Vaccine Information Center – a group that had filed a lawsuit in opposing the executive order – told the Associated Press news agency they would “withdrew” from the case.

“It’s apparent they’re going to take care of the vaccines issue,” attorney Theresa Barrett told the AP.

The judge’s ruling had put a halt to an effective six-month order from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and 18 other agencies that had started last October.

Health officials had argued that any move to restrict vaccination would have “unintended consequences”.

Image copyright AFP Image caption The CDC said in July that a childhood vaccine was to blame for some cases of autism

The Health and Human Services secretary, Dr Tom Price, has also promised a review of “certain vaccine safety concerns” in light of the court decision.

Meanwhile a study published earlier this year in The Lancet found that vaccination is linked to a reduced incidence of children having autism spectrum disorder – considered a disorder that can result in difficulty with social communication and interaction, among other concerns.

That analysis concluded a link between the vaccine for Hib, a type of intestinal infection, and autism.

The current episode over the CDC’s vaccine-related recommendations follows other similar ones between President Trump and the health community.

In January, the Department of Health and Human Services issued a brief notice about three weeks of flu vaccinations.

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