U.S. was top international tourism destination for second year in a row in 2018

For a second consecutive year, the United States was the top destination in the world for foreign visitors in 2018, according to a report by the tourism site FlightAware. The next largest number of international visitors to the United States came from Canada, followed by Mexico, the U.K., Germany, France, South Korea, Spain, China, Australia, Italy, Japan, India, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, and Russia.

Fifty-one percent of tourists traveled for more than a day, according to the report, and 28 percent travelled longer than a week. Some countries — the U.K., Germany, Spain, Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia and Australia — saw between a 40 percent and 60 percent increase in visitors from abroad over 2017.

Of the total number of travelers, 174 million foreign travelers came to the United States by air, and 203 million traveled by land.

Browse or look through the top 10 countries as they appeared in 2018, along with their global share of international visitors.

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