U.S. Officials: A Recent Iranian Attack Was An Iranian Response To An Israeli Airstrike In Syria

U.S. officials say a series of Iranian airstrikes in Yemen were an Iranian response to an Israeli airstrike in Syria on Sunday that killed seven Iranian soldiers. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the seven Iranian soldiers were part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Quds Force. The Revolutionary Guard denies the death claim. The attack appears to be the most extensive and direct attempt yet by the Islamic Republic to target Israeli forces overseas.

Following the attack, we saw Iranian President Hassan Rouhani immediately retaliate, saying Iranian forces had struck the base “thundering fire.” Meanwhile, Iranian media reported that the attacks had targeted “a transit hub used by terrorist groups and mercenaries…In the recent days, the Zionist regime could not even hide that it was the beneficiary of the power of arms supplied by the United States and Israel to Yemen.”

While initial signs were confusing, it appears the raid was a result of the Israeli airstrike in Syria.

According to Iranian sources, two drones crashed Sunday night and nearly 100 IRGC-Quds Force forces were killed or wounded. We do not know if the drones were Iranian UAVs or Syrian drones.

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