Town’s elderly collect ‘Victory Coins’ to fix creekway. They are about to get a lot less of it.

Beaver Dam’s elderly citizens have been collecting “Victory Coins” for several years, the Ottawa Citizen reports. The coins were raised by the town council and used to fix a creekway that had been blocked by dangerous debris. A donation jar at the Stop ‘n Shop gave one cent to the effort, and last year residents showed up at town hall and filled a bucket with $130 worth of coins.

But the coin collections are set to end after this year, when the town’s 105 residents will be required to pay an annual stormwater fee to make up for the damage caused by monthly storms. The stormwater fee, which is why the coins were collected in the first place, does not benefit Beaver Dam itself. Members of the town council are calling it a “vacation tax,” noting that it covers municipal expenses that are not related to a vacation, such as infrastructure. “We just can’t afford it,” Mayor Sandy Usdin told the Citizen. Residents on income assistance and veterans are exempted from the fee.

After it’s raised money, the coin collection will be put up for sale at a local auction.


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