Tourists accused of public sex at Spanish hotel

Image copyright Vivamana/Flickr Image caption The BBC’s Kelly McLeish also reported on an incident in the British Virgin Islands

Tourists are having sex on a Spanish beach, locals say, destroying the sands by engaging in “full-frontal frolics” and even “mountain biking”.

“La cocina” or the Virgin Inn, is an unassuming restaurant with a small bar overlooking the sands.

The tourists are said to come from the Canary Islands but are mostly British.

Numerous photos taken by locals in La Cocina show sex acts in the tiny white hotel – as well as people smoking on the beach, sports cars in the car park and a mountain bike launching off the building.

“No-one was surprised when we first noticed it when the season started in June, because we often saw this sort of thing when the weather changed,” a local said.

“We expected the new season to be worse than last year, when we’ve had close to 10 legal complaints so far – and an even bigger social media reaction.”

The owner, who asked not to be named, said he has written to the Canary Islands tourist board but so far received no response.

“We are appealing to the British tourist board to help us, because this tourism invasion is destroying our way of life,” he said.

Local tourism association, Maravilloso, said it is receiving more complaints about public sex than last year.

It also said the problem is due to the changing climate.

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