The Morning Spoilers: Social Media Has Impacted Work

Very often people start their workday with a coffee or sip at their desk, as if everything will be fine. Once they realize how little has been accomplished over the course of the day, it is tempting to go home, let the television networks’ morning hosts give you their opinion of the news of the day, and then hit the road.

However, social media will be your best friend in the day that begins with a good cup of coffee and ends with a Twitter rant against Jon Favreau. You are no different than the millions of Americans you see on Twitter reading the folksy, fake news, FOX News, CNN, or MSNBC, each with their own angle. It’s all time you feel your boss’ frustration when you can’t get up the nerve to follow through with what you were passionate about on paper.

They start the day with a great story in the paper. Their stories wind up here on FOX News because they are unbelievable, when they are in fact a lie. Their work is always replicated and then you become a victim of a parody. You are left feeling disillusioned.

You open up that morning newspaper, look to the right and it’s every single thing you’ve written in the last few months; from the bills you can’t pay to the family you wish you were not lucky enough to be working for. You never dream that the day you are about to read that story will be the last.

Even if your colleagues become complacent to the daily frustrations of this new reality, they are happy to take you out for coffee and then argue until you fall asleep in the office with their articles in your head. Social media has shown you how the workplace has been manipulated to fit your needs.

The first story that strikes you is the quote from the owner of the newspaper you work for saying how he has had to get rid of some of his journalists due to performance issues and how they may be on a waiting list for a new newsroom building. Even the owners have to take a dip into the trough of their own anxieties and frustrations of the day. Then, their anger manifests in a campaign to create a fake news story.

What the damage is done to them… And what you have done.

Many reporters who are tasked with delivering quality stories then do so with a cool head. As they scan the internet in the morning, they scan sites that may align to the type of news they want to disseminate. They do not reflect what their competitors are showing because that can’t help but be contagious. You even noticed the voices that read off scripts that really have nothing to do with that story. How does that work? How does that happen? How can the news be so ordinary that it’s contentless? That’s a way the enemy has sunk its hooks into you.

The rest of the day will unfold the same. They wish the president came on their television with the facts of that evening so they can have a platform to air their opinions. Their lives are cluttered with memes and memes and memes. They are fatigued as they reach their breaking point and their editor makes it to their office in the morning to read those opinions before lunch so they can upload their look.

Social media gives you the opportunity to put up the art that is distorted by an enemy that has your best interests in mind. When it’s not distorted, you can tell by the volume of your emotions in the morning. The interaction with all that is around you is transformed to something that has become so mundane. By the end of the day, and this is true no matter your job, you know that you can trust no one.

The morning you leave that day. It’s a lack of energy that will take a toll on you. Your drive for the morning is so strong, that you were willing to deal with the chaos and frustrations you knew would follow. You believed you were making a difference but what can you really be so certain of? At the end of the day, you will be no better than the daughter, wife, or brother in your workplace that didn’t get a story published on the front page. At the end of the day, you won’t be any more satisfied than the daughter who quit in frustration.

What a boring life!

Adam Carlson is an award-winning national correspondent for FOX News. Carlson began his career covering news in Texas as a news editor for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram. He became a regular reporter covering local and national stories. He appeared on FOX and HLN to discuss stories around the country and on FOX, he was a guest host and executive producer on many programs. Some of his assignments included interviewing politicians, billionaires, celebrities, and the president himself. He writes for FOX News,, FOXBusiness Pulse

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