The Governor Had More Than One Reason to Oppose Tennessee’s Ban on Trans Bathrooms

Sam Taylor/Getty Images

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam warned in January he was “very concerned” that a contentious anti-transgender bathroom bill he signed into law was unconstitutional.

The ex-NFL player said in a statement: “People’s private lives should not be used to justify government intrusion in other people’s personal decisions. This bill would have forced women and girls to cross-dress or to use the restroom of the opposite sex from their biological sex. The legislature, instead of setting policy, has created a law that could be used to discriminate against any resident, including children.”

Now it seems the governor’s concerns were not ignored. Two months later, Haslam’s press secretary started receiving emails and phone calls from a lawyer who warned that the new law may actually be illegal.

A lobbyist from Frisco, Texas, wrote to Haslam’s press secretary asking if the bill was constitutional. Dave Rayburn, who then worked for former Governor Rick Perry, wrote: “I am not a lawyer but know an attorney who thinks there are problems with this bill.”

Is this a scintilla of corruption or an honest mistake? Hard to say, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.

Source: CBS News

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