Supersonic 747 now available for rent

Scary space news: The Hubble Space Telescope is no longer operating properly. A team of scientists from NASA reported Friday that the instrument was no longer able to observe galaxies as it typically does — not even at the highest resolution possible. Hubble is now being conducted in safe mode. The team of scientists said they’re “closely monitoring its health.” The reason? Something went awry with one of Hubble’s vital gyroscopes.

The Great Wall of China was cracked open: This shocking video shows just how tiny the cracks are on the Great Wall of China. Dr. Kim Fahy and her crew took an aerial picture of the wall and saw some interesting things. First, the cracks seem to be very narrow. Then the Wall’s builders might want to add reinforcements. There are sections of the wall that can be damaged by earthquakes, and the rising temperature may be tearing them apart.

Would you still enjoy a lobster roll at NASA? It’s the strangest experiment yet. NASA tries to figure out if you’d enjoy getting a sandwich delivered to your hotel room. As someone who has a tendency to vomit or feel queasy around food delivery services, I’m curious. Maybe there’s some chance.


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