Pro Tip: Don’t Drink and Tour the Colosseum in the Morning

This August, two tourists made headlines in Italy when the local police foiled their plans to drink alcohol and forget about the recent unrest back home.

But on Thursday, two men captured a different side of the Colosseum with beer and popcorn.

Swindled out of $275 by their ticket agent, Bruno Costanzo and Lorenzo Rizzo began playing a prank on themselves — taping a beer, popcorn and a piece of paper to their free ticket and hop-scotching through the “Capitoline Cave” and the underground attraction of “The Labyrinth.” As others arrived, their beer was already sitting on a table, and the duo explained the whole venture on their blog.

“Our surprise, for us, was so great,” the site reads. “We entered very quickly and left very quickly. In an instant we were surrounded by enough fans who had come to enjoy the film film, to see us on the wine paper or on the beer. We also saw quite a few people to take photos of us.”

The roommates continue, saying that the minute they realized they could not escape the crowds, they realized that their mock drunk leaves could not match the real thing.

“Because this is the Colosseum there is of course always risk,” the blog adds. “It’s okay, because none of us passed out. We all woke up after a while and checked the camera.”

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