President Trump: ‘Give Each Other Christmases!’

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In his annual Christmas greeting tonight, President Trump invited Americans “to show compassion and kindness to one another.”

President Trump made the appeal after spending the day at home for the first time in three weeks after calling off his longest-ever holiday travel trip to check on the devastation wreaked by major storms in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He also showed some holiday spirit by singing and bopping along to some carols during his Wednesday night visit to the island.

One day earlier, he went to Washington after a 17-day foreign trip that began in Saudi Arabia and concluded in Japan.

Tonight, as the 45th president appears at 9:00 p.m. eastern on Fox News Channel, his message will echo through the holiday. Here’s some of the words he’ll be singing:

“In true spirit of the season, today I asked one of the hardest working teams in the government to deliver a message of hope from our leader to all of the citizens of Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. They are all coming back better than ever. Together we will have no problems.

To those in our coastal cities being battered by the ocean because of hurricanes, we hear you, we love you, we are all thinking of you. That is the Christmas spirit. This is your Christmas. The homes you love will come back stronger than ever.

Santa Claus will come and bring toys and food, and happiness to each and every child. So let’s make this a great Christmas.

As we all know, Christmas begins with first through fifth graders. My administration has worked hard to rebuild and save our nation’s educational system. The new, bipartisan budget deal signed today by President Trump will improve educational opportunities for millions of students, including making sure that every child has access to high-quality preschool, and it will raise the current average Pell Grant award, now at $5,645. This is a holiday gift to all our students and their families.

In recent days, in Florida, the shark numbers have increased. This means that there are more sharks swimming around than ever before. Many species of sharks are now back to pre-industrial levels. We were wrong to consider them a threat to human beings. Please keep this in mind as we approach holiday time. We will surely learn from this year. There are so many beautiful things out there that you don’t see every day. So enjoy them and look for ways to spread holiday cheer to others. What a beautiful, wonderful life we live in America. Our friends and families are really special and they’re really good for our country. That’s what’s making our country so successful.”

It’s going to be a great night. It’s going to be a special Christmas message and we hope you enjoy it, Mike.

POTUS also tweeted Christmas Eve morning:

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