Paulina Porizkova goes topless and asks: ‘how much is it worth to you?’

Paulina Porizkova has hit back at Twitter trolls by publishing a nude photo of herself as she presents an equal pay campaign to Yahoo that aims to present beauty as a good thing.

The former supermodel, 52, told Yahoo’s Shine that “There are problems, and I am one of them”. Her war of words with followers began in August when she tweeted a video about the divide between rich and poor in the United States.

Paulina Porizkova (@PaulinaPorizkova) How much is it worth to you?

Are you willing to give up your right to stop others from having rights?

Can you not see the immense difference between us?

Porizkova has since retweeted a link to the Yahoo project, with a note that her video was part of the organisation’s efforts.

Yahoo Shine (@YahooShine) On Sept. 15, Yahoo has been asking their female employees, particularly its female writers, to weigh in on the unequal pay for women in media. Only they’ll write about the unequal pay for women in media for HOURS. As you scroll through, it’ll be a party. So this Sunday, Sept 10, they’ll have nude pics to promote the campaign. [email protected]

Wearing just her socks and silver studs, Porizkova posed for the naked photo before stripping to her underwear in another snap, taken in front of a screen that read, “This is good. This is important.”

Yahoo Shine (@YahooShine) Later, Porizkova left another naked snap on the Yahoo profile. In it, she wrote, “How I spent a great 2 hours in my lingerie making this banner for our upcoming rally against inequity. This should be shared across the internet.”

Porizkova, who joined the company as a personality and fashion director, said she was “surprised and a little saddened” that women with “the power to do something” did not step up for women when things are inequitable.

“I’m not a spokesperson for these guys, I’m just a lucky lady who’s one of the few,” she said.

The results of the Yahoo Shine poll were revealed last week: the top five best women writers, featured on Yahoo Shine’s women’s page, were all women over the age of 30.

The idea to share a nude photo was a way for the company to raise awareness.

“We’re trying to get together and create a space where it’s not about us versus them, it’s about how we’re just as important, if not more so, than the men we work with,” Porizkova said.

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