Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s raunchy sex tape debuts

Written by By N, a.

After months of speculation and increasingly confident speculation, the highly-anticipated debut of Pam Anderson and Tommy Lee’s beefcake sex tape is now here — and to say it’s had an immediate impact is a massive understatement.

In the company of former and future ex-husband Lee, 35-year-old Anderson appears to be in character as an extremely seductive sea urchin.

Hollywood Star Pictures/Joking Past Times Productions/ Universal

The three-minute-long ‘vino’ video starts with Lee in a Las Vegas dressing room, clad in jeans and loafers with his bare feet in the sweltering, two-tone water of Sin City. When he pops out to get the beers, the pool area outside snaps him taking Anderson up on her offer to go “dry canning” (otherwise known as hot-tubbing).

Lending some ’90s movie credibility, a Ray-Ban-clad Lee enters the floating vault, complete with rattan floors, and proceeds to reveal various degrees of his collection of sports paraphernalia.

Hollywood Star Pictures/Joking Past Times Productions/ Universal

“Playboy buggers, garbage old hicks,” he says with glee, informing us that he’s acquired “salt and spice potato chips and a smokin’ hot bottle of horseradish, too.” He grabs a suntan lotion, produces a bartender’s wand and pulls a bottle of Jon Patron’s blue and green elixir, naturally named “Buddy” with its jacuzzi-like promises of breath and tan.

Lending a few of Lee’s finer lines is “Daughters of Perdition” actor Dolph Lundgren. He stands in the sunlight, working out in the boxing ring that stands guard over their three friends while they frolic about. After spending a few minutes in the ring, he abruptly pretends to smoke on the balcony overlooking the water. He disappears again into the depths of the tank, leaving Anderson and Lee alone in the heated water (to give some more ’90s movie cred, his last name is also Lundgren, which might explain the peculiarly excellent moves on the ring).

Lending her sex appeal

Anderson strips down completely to a white one-piece swimsuit and and does her best to “rock the g-string” as she allegedly behaves in a very sensual way. We see her lift her legs high to orgasm, popping each time on her way down, before touching her hand to her forehead and exclaiming “Ewww!” at her own breath as she leaps into the sauna.

She’s adorned with perky rose eye lashes and, in a further exchange of celebrity glances, Lee inexplicably yanks out his penis in front of Anderson. (“Ewww!” she also exclaims.)

Lending a few more star power to the freakout is Kim Kardashian. Perhaps surprisingly given their differences of opinion, the reality star is also glimpsed sliding into the tub with the two while carrying a slab of fake meat covered in cling wrap.

When Lee, formerly known as the White Stripes’ bassist, emerges and asks the former Baywatch star to relax, she does so, fully, only to throw her arms up in the air and wade further into the pool.

And then it all ends with another disclaimer.

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