Netanyahu gets Irish advice on abortions – from his dentist

Image copyright AFP Image caption Benjamin Netanyahu has been prime minister since 2009

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has received advice for solving Ireland’s abortion debate from his dentist.

Speaking to RTÉ, Dr Arieh Arikhanovich spoke of his fondness for alcohol, cigarettes and hashish.

“I would advise everyone to drink, especially alcohol, and to smoke and to really have a crack at whatever kind of drug you’re on,” he said.

“I haven’t been on a mission to speak to Benjamin Netanyahu about abortion.

“My comment was regarding Irish drinks and the fact that there is such a big difference between the old/new education system.

“And perhaps alcohol because it’s often not the girl’s problem that’s the real issue but it’s the family dynamics, and what the parties need to work on.

“And then it just depends on what the alcohol can do. It will help you get through it.”

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Dr Arikhanovich is due to meet Prime Minister Netanyahu on his upcoming visit to Dublin.

I’m told in the interests of national security they’ve built a wall between the dentist’s office and the residence.

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