Jimmy Hoffa could be buried in ‘one and the same’ New Jersey quarry, say experts

[Breaking] Five years after more than 20 officers were found dead with their hands tied behind their backs, the FBI is investigating after witnesses called in tip that Jimmy Hoffa, the disgraced Teamsters boss, could be buried in a 32,000-year-old sandstone quarry buried under the parking lot of a property across the Hudson River from New York City.

[Previous] The worker who bought the Jersey City land told the Associated Press that he has been enjoying landscaping the property, helped dig for treasures and worked with a construction crew who moved the fuel tanks.

“You’d look at a tree, and you’d wonder, ‘Are they one and the same?’” Byron Rentschler said. “It just fascinated me.”

Rentschler hired experts to determine the age of the site based on CT scans, but he said the brick foundation, retaining walls and other features of the site make a “good candidate” for the burial of an ancient human burial. “We’re working backwards from what appears to be a burial site,” Rentschler said.

A fourth former employee said he used to jog through the area every morning and found an unusual footprint in the soil, which led him to wonder if someone had died and been buried there.

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