Jed and Elaine MacIsaac stole $3m in Zimbabwe relief funds

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jed and Elaine MacIsaac (left) were arrested

A husband and wife, who were arrested in Australia as they prepared to fly home to New Zealand, allegedly stole millions of pounds in Covid relief funds meant for the homeless.

Australian police say the pair used the money to fund a lavish lifestyle including luxury cars, overseas holidays and designer goods.

Police say Jed and Elaine MacIsaac wrote a note with “life list” instructions for their three children, left when they vanished.

The pair appear to have used phony accounts and false invoices to buy luxury goods using the cash they stole, they said.

It is thought around A$3m (£1.5m) was stolen over the course of several years.

In a statement from New Zealand authorities, officers said a warrant had been issued for the return of the pair, as Elaine MacIsaac, 58, had been living in Australia.

They are thought to have flown out of Sydney and were scheduled to return to their Auckland home.

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