How to make a good ski day really good

The grocery store is where most of us get most of our shopping done. But there’s a whole another way to spend a long winter’s day.

If you plan to hit the slopes, do some extra prep beforehand to make sure you get the most out of your day on the mountain. Over the next few weeks we’ll keep up with the latest efforts to keep you safe at the slopes by offering tips and tricks. For example, if you’re planning to fly to the mountains this week, check out all the accommodations you’ll be able to book.

As for your ski equipment, consider getting ski waxed. Research your choice and factor in potential resort weather, since waxing can affect your snow making capabilities. And if you’re going for a run on groomed runs, it’s a good idea to grab a different pair of ski boots for the extra vertical you’ll gain at the end of your downhill run.

If you’re going big, get a separate pair of skis for the dreaded moguls and bumps. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re getting insulated backpacks if you’re thinking of lugging a pretty heavy load with you down to the mountains.

If you’re planning to work on your style, try incorporating a hat and jacket into your outfits. You’ll be glad you’ve got a few simple pieces to keep your head warm and work into your look when the wind and snow start whipping around you.

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