Has Donald Trump’s favourite actress just been called a ‘wacky anti-chic mother?’

Usher Raymond IV, Barack Obama and Meghan Markle are all lovers, but has one of them slipped in a subtle joke about the Suits star during his appearance on Ellen?

We thought so, judging by the exchange, which took place on Wednesday (31 August) during a surprise visit to the US chat show.

“How’s Meghan Markle,” asked US president Barack Obama as he walked in, reportedly without asking her. “Good to see you,” he added.

Twitter / @seanfoley6 What did you make of Obama’s joke about Meghan Markle?

And the answer is? We’re not sure we were a fan – to be honest, even the president’s chin looked like it had crossed over into a skunk’s for that.

But even before that awkward moment, Ellen Page and Ellen DeGeneres had made a bit of a show of themselves attempting to put on a show around him.

Sporting a pair of large earrings, Markle was, naturally, the star of the show, even greeting guests with Ellen Page.

But then, while speaking to the actor, Obama got a bit clever and decided to plant a subtle dig at Markle, who could be marrying Prince Harry later this year.

“I’m looking forward to the next election for president,” Obama told Page, laughing. “Is that something you’re excited about?”

“No, she’s actually doing a great job,” said Page. “And I mean that literally, and metaphorically, because I don’t know her, but she looks very presidential to me. And she’s been, in my opinion, a good sport.”

Obama then quipped: “She’s not ready to be your first lady yet, but she can run for your state senator, right?”

We’re glad you mentioned…

The show – which aired in the UK on Monday (1 September) at midday – had it’s usual spoof US political interview style.

Ellen Page as Dr. Phil McGraw, Michael Douglas as Andy Warhol, and Ellen DeGeneres as a blind Catholic priest complete with headset.

Ellen was seen addressing President Donald Trump in the studio as Stephen Colbert’s foil earlier this week.

And Trump’s daughter Ivanka is said to be keen to have the entertainer join her on the campaign trail, but DeGeneres is thought to be in no rush to make a decision.

“DeGeneres could use a boost in ratings and is eager to pick up whatever top talent wants to join her on the trail, despite her reputation as the kind of star only willing to do reality shows,” reported People magazine.

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