Golf is coming to Ireland, but it won’t just be playing in the Ryder Cup

Described as “the new home of golf,” the golf-crazed country of Ireland will soon be welcoming golf’s biggest party, a three-course Ryder Cup competing for the best golf venues. And in a rare tandem event, Adare Manor Golf & Country Club in County Tipperary will also play host to the 2027 presidential golf competition.

Adare Manor, overlooking some of Ireland’s most idyllic fishing villages and golfing meccas, announced that it would also be welcoming the next Ryder Cup in 2027 on Thursday. But this place has been booking presidential golfers for the past 16 years. It will be the 16th visit for a president to the facility.

Adare Manor first called itself Ireland’s first private golf club but now names itself “the new home of golf.”

The facility is located in Ireland’s third largest county, the famed Tipperary Gaeltacht region of Ireland. Their local description for this mix of rural worldliness and suburban seclusion? “rough farmland with two gorges and 500 lakes.” Local birders refer to it as the “best place in Ireland to spot elvers, goldeneye, emu, great tits, redshanks, pollfishes, shellflies, frogs, and wrens.”

The Ryder Cup comes to Adare Manor every six years, using the event as an opportunity to gather the leading golfers of the world and to test their golf skills. The competition has been held in America for only a short time, before the competition for a future venue has to be decided. The 2018 Ryder Cup will be held in France.

Adare Manor will host the first presidential golf tournament in Ireland by 2027. Originally, Ireland’s first presidential tournament was scheduled for October 2004, but was postponed due to Hurricane Ivan. The presidential tournament has since been held for 17 consecutive years.

Not only are both the presidential golf tournaments being held in Ireland in the future, but these two prestigious events will also be housed within the same resort.

The travel section features photos from the celebrity gallery at Adare Manor.

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