David Arquette’s ‘Scream’ Returns After 10 Years – and He Wanted to Reboot the Franchise Himself

David Arquette shared the idea of developing and starring in the Scream franchise with his on-screen girlfriend, Courteney Cox. The two had met while working on the Scream television series, and ever since they were “casually hanging out with each other and trading horror stories”, he said. And they always wanted to bring something new to the table, he said.

The seventh and final season of the television series came to an end back in 2015, and the film franchise did the same two years later. At the end of Scream season 6, Murphy announced that it was a “wrap” for the franchise. But the pair revisited the idea of re-teaming and reviving the franchise that launched them for the release of Scream Queens, based on the first three seasons of the TV series. And although Arquette admitted to not watching the TV series as it aired, he was ready to go back in time.

“That’s been 10 years,” he said. “I haven’t seen any of the show. I didn’t watch it when it was on and I never watched it when it was off the air. It was not in my apartment during the day. It was not on at the movies. There was not a television on my desk.”

But when the opportunity came to resurrect the character of Sidney Prescott on the big screen, Arquette was excited. “They said they were working on it and they were at their first draft. And they made some pretty radical changes. It felt quite different,” he said.

After having a quick bit of input with Murphy, Cox stood behind it and ultimately agreed to work together again. Arquette joked about taking on some of the roles he played on the TV series. “I got a baby out of it,” he said. “I took on a few characters.”

Although Arquette appears for a few scenes in the film, his role was perhaps the smallest of the series. But he still had a story to tell. “It was a cool experience,” he said. “I have to look back at it and go ‘wow, that was a very cool opportunity’. And he grew up to be a great producer as well. I was incredibly lucky to be part of it.”

Arquette and Cox actually reunited for the film’s red carpet premiere as well. Just the two of them walked the carpet together. “They aren’t dating anymore,” Arquette said.

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