Bret Baier : “President Trump Made It To Cut The Taxes Or The Other Leg To The Fall Side Of The Plaque”

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“Does the American people appreciate that the first thing they hear from the Secretary of Labor is… that we’ll have your back with a little bit less money than you were going to get,” they will react that’s the easy answer and of course they’ll say yes. The president made it to cut the taxes or the other leg to the fall side of the stool, but the promise wasn’t kept. I’m sure you have heard that Americans who moved from Oklahoma to Texas are having a harder time than those who left Manhattan. The President made that promise, and you heard the lines in my report over and over again it said keep cutting the taxes of the people of Oklahoma, and keep cutting the taxes for people in Texas, and I promise you that, the American people thought that they would get a little bit more and they didn’t.”

“A strong reminder for President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign that only 11% of Americans believe that today’s economy is doing great. A little bit before the economy was bad people thought the President was doing a good job keeping his word.”

“The Great Wall of Pity on Capitol Hill and the campaign trail in America for six years and a President who really shouldn’t be saying those things, it’s pretty stupid, you’re going to get a monkey wrench in making things better in a lot of places.”

“Can you explain your comparison of the Chinese infrastructure problem with American infrastructure and what they’re trying to do with their program for builders and infrastructure and is it a bitter pill?”

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