Bookmarks: David Lynch’s Fears for Tiger, Mother Bear Hunting on Instagram

More than 4,000 conservation efforts have been undertaken in Sri Lanka over the past 50 years to save its large cats. But not all have worked out. Our January 2018 story “The battle to save Sri Lanka’s leopards” tells the sad tale of a single tiger’s death, and an ongoing global effort to bring back the ferocious felines. To raise awareness about these mythical creatures, recently published photographic essays by David Lynch and Smith Castle explain how these animals were once the star of nature films and that even today their fate remains uncertain.

The books and essays by authors like the surviving bear, Yuxi, are available to purchase at the following locations:

Jyotiba’s Books (525 13th St NW)


Smith Castle Books (7000 Benning Rd NW)


The Reading Room Cafe (3124 12th St NW)


Sri Lanka Central Library, 590 11th St NW (Free)


At the book launch ceremony, don’t miss Scott Strother, David Lynch and Sylvia Plath.

Information about international conservation organizations can be found at this International Wildlife Conservation website.

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