American Citizen Mea Culpa: Bullying Immigrants To Turn The Country Around Is Doing America A Disservice

I’m a U.S. citizen. You can find me here in Maine. I have a father and parents and two brothers, and I live in a little town called Swanville.

Well, in a way, I am – and still am – a U.S. citizen.

Today, President Trump has launched his bid to close the border between the United States and Mexico and he has said that we are being invaded by illegal immigrants.

With the help of public support, he obtained the power to shut the border down. The President has said that an illegal immigrant with drugs, a criminal record, or even somebody that doesn’t speak English is a bad person and as a result they shouldn’t be allowed to come into the country.

After removing many illegal immigrants from the country, it appears that there aren’t that many left to remove. Now the President wants to be able to force the Mexican government to change their immigration laws, in order to make it more difficult for people from their country to come to the United States.

I’m guessing that most Americans aren’t aware of this situation.

The United States is one of the most free countries in the world. If you are a U.S. citizen, there is little restriction on where you can travel to and what you can do within your country of residence. I can walk into a store without passing through the express checkout lanes.

I can leave my front door unlocked when I’m hungry.

My situation isn’t entirely different from that of most Americans.

Today, my home-state of Maine has been impacted by an ongoing snowstorm. My family is stuck at home. My children have missed days of school while they have been stuck home with teachers and parents who are at least five feet tall. We have spent the week covering more than 100 miles of snow, just to go 30 minutes to the grocery store.

I would like to know, where in the world can I travel to right now?

I love this country, and I know that many of you do too. I was born here, my parents were born here, and so were all my siblings. I graduated from high school in America. I’ve worked, yes worked hard. But like many Americans, I don’t make a great living. I am generally paying my own bills, paying my own way, and I love this country.

I don’t have a lot of money. Every time I hear the word “illegal,” it chokes me up. Because what the administration has allowed themselves to do with the term is that when they say illegal immigrant, what they mean is “American Citizen/Syndicated Columnist who makes a lousy living.”

To understand my position, you need to understand my background. My mother was an immigrant herself, working hard and who was brave enough to come to America. She left her son in Vietnam and where she was born with no money and no place to stay. My mother managed to get a decent life and send my brother and me to America to grow up with a way of life in America. My mom made sacrifices so that we would grow up with a way of life here. That’s how I get angry when people use the word “illegal” as opposed to “fraudulent.”

I am American. I’m not a fraud. America is America. I don’t speak Spanish. I have friends who are illegal immigrants. I don’t smoke weed. I own a new car. But I am an American citizen.

My country is being illegally invaded, unfairly taken from me and others. I love America, I want this country to be great. But I am sick and tired of being turned around by some people who I don’t see as my neighbors, don’t see as my friends, don’t share in the principles of this great country.

Every day I am a citizen of the United States of America. To allow this country to continue, I urge you to support the Trump Administration in closing the border. If you truly care about this country, then join the cause to close the border.

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