Aerial Club of the Sarasota Clowns: Everything you need to know in on one show

Architect Ronald Kleinman is about to leave Sarasota, Fla., to take over a club that is a model of success.

He’s installing a brand new 4,400-square-foot space for the Aerial Club of the Sarasota Clowns and the aerialists who engage in different aerial disciplines.

The club, in my new book I: Alfred Hitchcock – The Life and Films of a Master Filmmaker, is located on Mount Herman Drive in Sarasota – the closest location to my home.

The club, run by Peter DelPrete and his brother Paul – he’s its artistic director – has been making a living through side gigs for more than 60 years. By bringing the club to Manhattan, Mr. Kleinman hopes to expand, attract more attention, attract more patrons, and explore locations in Manhattan and far away – perhaps even in Europe.

There are five different members of the group who travel, and that includes Joanne Combs, a professional skywalker, best known for her role in the iconic film “Sleeping With the Enemy.”

We can’t wait to watch her as she becomes a member of Manhattan’s new circus club.

Oh, and she does also stuff with flowers.

Joanne spoke for the rest of us, when she told me, “I could see its use expanding from club to show.”

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